How To Take Your Business Online, Gain More Reach And Make Crazy Money Like Never Before

Today, I want to discuss about how to move your business online and gain more client, more sales and make more money using only 3 effective tools.

The tools we shall use are Website, Facebook And Courier(this is optional in case where goods need to be delivered)

If you are in business and you do not have an extension of your business online, you are making a huge mistake in 2017 which must be corrected at the end of this article.

Here is why moving your business online is the wisest thing to do in 2017.

  1. It can make us so much money if we do business online
  2. It afford us the chance to start small and grow.
  3. It enable us start from home without renting an office space. This means  if you are just starting out in your business, the internet is a crucial tool that can make that possible.
  4. It enable us reach every corners of the world where internet is available and by extension, more clients and customers are obtained and most importantly, more money is made
  5. It has the ability to accelerate things faster, easily and more efficiently
  6.  It give us access to tools and  systems that effectively makes doing business easy.
  7. The world’s population of internet users is increasing astronomically and there are more mobile users than desktop users.

Every big company have an online presence and so, why do you think you can do otherwise and still survive? You will need to look beyond your environment and expand your reach, especially if you want to make a lot of money.

These big companies wouldn’t be using the internet to sell products and services if it wasn’t profitable, would they?

When we take glance at the big companies, there are 2 notable factor that play a major role in the system.

  1. They have a website to showcase what they offer.
  2. They advertise consistently… online and offline

The wisest thing now would be to do same thing done by these big companies… get on the internet and expand your business to attract more clients to your business and also make money.

How can you do same and get results for your business?

It is simple… and here is what you need to do

Get a Website

Firstly, you need  to have an idea of what you want to do… I presume you have something that your business sells, either a product or service. What is the nature of your business? Do you offer a service or you sell a product?

Be it

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Jewellery
  • Real estate/building
  • School/education
  • Auto/car
  • Building materials
  • Repairs/fixing
  • consultancy
  • Travels
  • Tourism
  • Fashion/ clothing
  • Furniture
  • Electrical tools

or sales of anything at all that can add value to people’s life which they can pay you for.

The next thing to do is to get a website… and hey don’t let that scare you. Many people in Nigeria think that they have to spend the moon to get a website done for them and so, they often perish the thought of getting one. Unbelievably, you do not need N500,000 to get one done and if you follow my advise, you will get one up and running for cheap.

Please read carefully and follow every word that I am about to share with you . It will save you lots and lots of headaches and money. What I want to share here will put you in complete control of your virtual asset–your website.

I say this because a certain client refused to heed to my advise when he consulted another company to do the job for him and to his amazement, he was billed N500,000. Yes, five hundred thousand naira and paying such amount of money in 2017 is outrageously silly which you will agree with me, especially if you are starting small and would want to save cost without compromising quality. I am going to show you an underground method to use to beat down price.

How can you avoid such costly mistake? READ on and you will see you won’t have to spend as much as N500,000 to get a website. You will not only save money but you will also make lots of money in the process if you read this article to the end. You discover things that no website designer is willing to tell you.

There are 3 components of a website and are listed as followed.

Domain Name: The domain name, which is what many people call website address or URL. It cost just $10-$12 to get one.  It is the first thing you do when you plan to build your website and registering your domain name by yourself is very important as it will put you in control and not at the mercy of your website designer who could use it to exploit you. I had a friend go through hell when she wanted to terminate her contract with a certain website designer due to dissatisfaction and she couldn’t do that because the URL was in the website designer’s account.

You can get a free domain name as a first time costumer when you purchase a hosting account at Site Ground. Amazing, isn’t it? This means you do not have to pay the normal $10 cost that comes with it.

Web Hosting: This is pretty straight forward. The web hosting is like a folder that houses everything that you would need to execute your proposed website and the design.

There are many web hosting company that is littered across the internet but not all can be reliable and give customers peace of mind.

However, there is one web hosting company I have used that assure me of good sleep at night with 99% up time, excellent customer support with lightening speed responds via live chat, state of the art technology to combat whatever problem you might have. You can also pick up the phone and call them anytime of the day and there is always someone to help you solve it. They operate 247.

The company’s name is Site Ground. They are simply the best on the internet and it will cost you around $4/month to get one up and running in addition to a free domain name. This means that you get a domain name registered for FREE when you pay for a hosting account.

Now, you have gotten your hosting account. Total money spent so far if we add the initial domain name that you registered to the cost for web hosting account we would have spent $0 for domain name and $48/year for web hosting account equating to $48/ year expenses.

WOW! that is pretty cost-saving, isn’t it? I told you we wouldn’t spend much if you listened to me and the best part is that these are in your possession , they are in your account because you did the registrations yourself and you are in control! Many website designers would hate me for telling you this.

Let’s proceed anyway.

Design Your Website:  You have your domain name (that is the URL) and you have also paid for a year’s web hosting account. Now, it is time to design your website and show the world what you have to offer so that they can pay you for it. It is a platform to showcase your products and services.

How would you design your website? It is pretty simple. You can either do it yourself if you have the expertise or hire someone to do it for you. At this stage,you haven’t spent anywhere close to N50,000 and Like I mentioned earlier, this post is to help save cost in the course of getting your business website up and running so that you do not pay outrageous cost to execute.

To help you cross this hurdle, I wish to announce to you that after due consultation with my team and as the CEO of Career Counsel, considering state of the economy, we have decided to run a promo between now and the end of this month that will qualify you to get a website without paying for the moon or paying N300,000-500,000.

However, we can’t take everybody so we are limiting it to just 20 persons, which means you have to ACT FAST and ACT NOW to be among the 20 persons.

In order to qualify for this promo, you will have to book your slot before anyone else; so that you can be among the 20 persons that will get their own website for less.

Now to participate in the promo, please send me your name, your phone number, email address and house address to or 09034587640 so that we can discuss further. Remember this is only available to just 20 persons because we can not take everyone and we have over 1000 people reading this. Act fast before it is too late. After the 20 persons have been taken, the promo automatically ends.

To reserve your slot, send your name, phone number, location and email address to me via or send them to 09034587640 and you will get a call immediately.

This promo is to help you design world class website for your business at unbelievable offer. A standard website goes for N300,000-N500,000 but you are lucky to be reading this now because you wouldn’t spend that much if you join this promo.

Let’s move on.

Use Facebook to Sell And Make More Money: According to Facebook report, Nigeria’s population on facebook is over 40 Million. Everybody or almost everybody in Nigeria are on facebook. While that might be seen as a fun avenue to catch up with friends and family, meet new people, chit chat and while away time, you would be silly not to use facebook to make money in 2017.

How? I assume by now you have your website built and ready for business. So, let’s proceed.

Unknown to a lot of persons, Facebook is a business entity that can make you boat loads of cash if you use it to your own advantage. All you have to do is ADVERTISE your business on facebook…

hol up hol up hol up…

I never said you should go on spamming everyone with your products and services, did I? There is a way around it and a much professional way to do it. The way I and many others do it is to create a facebook fan page. There is “Create Page” within your facebook account. Click on it and create your fan page. Choose ‘Brand, Product and Services”. Fill all the necessary spaces and then create a post like you would mostly do on a normal facebook profile/wall, make sure that a link to your website is included so that people can click on it, land on your website and order for what you are selling and you make money. Right below the published post, you will see a “Boost Post” button. Click on it to boost that post. By boosting you are advertising your post. Select the number of location to be either nationwide or some selected states in Nigeria.

Trust me, a lot of folks make money using facebook and that is how they do it… the most amazing thing is that you can advertise for as low as $5 and bring boat load of cash!

Make sure your market is one that has a demand for products or services. Let’s assume that you are selling hand sewing machine, which is a highly demanded product, you will start getting calls from every corners of the country, people placing orders if you advertise your business using facebook.  I know this because I am in same business too. I get calls, I get sms alert from people wanting to buy my products or service… It is an absolute bliss.

Those who send their details to be among the 20 persons for the promo will get a FREE practical training on how to use facebook to sell and a lot of money.

How to Deliver:   When you start getting orders through your website after advertising on facebook, you use a courier company to deliver your products across the country if your business involves physical products. There are companies that do this. We have KOS, Courier Plus, GIG logistic and ACE…

Here is a trick in courier delivery that we mostly use. We calculate our cost price which is the cost of buying the product, we add our profit to arrive at our selling price and we also add the cost of delivering to the customer anywhere in Nigeria…BUT we tell them that delivery is  FREE to their location.  They would feel they are getting a bargain 🙂

Also offer Payment on Delivery. This means that buyers will only pay for the goods once they receive it.  It is important to do it so that you can increase trust and sales.

That is it, Dear Reader.

If you have any question, please feel free to send me a message via or simply send an sms to 09034587640

P.S: Don’t forget we are running a promo for just 20 persons who send their info to us. To reserve your slot, simply send an email or sms to the contact above and we will contact you ASAP.

Thank you and let’s make 2017 a blast

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