Internet business is one of the greatest evolution of man’s effort to sort alternatives to income. It is a business that give things you couldn’t have achieved on your own offline, you get to meet and discuss with people and companies around the world.

It is no more news that the offline jobs are evaporating off the shelves, countless graduates still finding it hard to survive day to day, paper qualifications no longer holds much weight and hundreds of people are losing a job they once held so dear and in some sorry states, losing the ones that could hardly sustain them.

When I was in school, some of my friends often wonder why I am always reading stuff with my phone, sometimes while lecture was going on, I would be reading different articles on my phone. A particular closer friend often rebuke me when he sees me reading and researching but what they didn’t understood was that I was preparing myself for the future, I was equipping for the raining day.

Fast forward to present day, I have become a reference point or some sort benchmark among my peers because I defiled the odds to stand out and I do not have to worry about where money will come from. I have garnered as many internet business skills that can sustain me as long as I am willing to work and work harder. I do not have to answer to anyone when I wake up and I do not have to fear losing a job.

Back then they never believed that anyone could use the internet to survive but the story is a changed one right now as they can see evident in my own life, someone they once sat with in school.

I asked one of my classmate if his current job give him ATLEAST 1Million Naira and he told me not even 500k. This is the reality with a lot of people in Nigeria today and around the world. Meanwhile, I did more than that fight last year, 2016.

Do you want to start an internet business that can give you freedom?

Ever wake up every morning with the worries of money, where to get it and how to get it?

Would you want someone that has gone before you to lead  and teach you what no one is willing tell you?

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Do you know you can earn more than most teaching, banking and even oil jobs in Nigeria using the internet?

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