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Welcome to Career Counsel. My name is Jideofor Igbelina and I am the CEO of CareerCounsel.com.

Over the years, I have kept a low-key profile about my internet business exploit and after much consultation, I felt it was time to launch my presence on the web and share my knowledge with the rest of the world.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am an experienced Internet Business Persona, one who knows the ins and outs of how things work online.

I have been in one of the top internet business called domaining or domain flipping. This is a business where you sell website addresses or URL to companies around the world. This business alone gave solid 7 figures in Naira last year as one of my streams of income. It is simplest business to start with as little as $10, which is what I started mine with and I have since made thousands upon thousands. As the time of putting this together, I had just turned N6,000 invested in this business into N200,000 within 7 days. Doing this kind of figures within short time is no longer new to me. In October 2016 alone, My revenue was over 1.6M for that month.

I am a strong proponent of multiple streams of income and internet business.  I have been giving strength and guiding lots of people around me on how to find freedom by using the internet to do business. I have shared information on how to start a profitable internet business, bounding on Freelancing, Mini Importation, Website Design, How to Use the Internet to Expand Your Business, How to get ship-loaded clients to your business and Many More…

CareerCounsel.com is launched with the sole intent of helping people succeed online and earning money in the process. It is built to also help you avoid all the mistakes and loopholes that people tend to make when they start out.

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Email jideofor@careercounsel.com

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Phone: 09034587640 (Monday -Friday, 8A.M to 5P.M)