$8,550 In The Bank… How To Profitably Flip Your Life To Riches


Something happened last night that will change your life for good and I decided to blog about it.

I was on Facebook yesterday when a friend buzzed my Facebook box. He wanted to know if it was possible to sell his website that is making him $5 per day.  I asked if he has proof of traffic and analytics because those are very important when you want to sell a website and he told me yes.

$5/day is $150 per month. It might look little to a lot of persons but here is the truth: A website making as much as $150 per month can be sold for nothing less than $2000.  This is because by industry standard, a site is sold for 10 times -15 times the amount of its monthly earnings.

Logically, since this friend of mine is making $150 per month, its current market value would be $150 x 15 = $2250.

Now, going by the current exchange rate of naira to dollar, $2250 X 480 naira is a little above 1 Million naira.

A closer look at the screenshot here shows that he contacted me because he knows I have the experience to lead him right and that is what I want to show you today.

But guess what I told him. I told him not to sell just yet. I told him to work on the site to raise the current earnings to $500/ month. Sure, $2000 is good amount of money right now in Nigeria but what if you have a chance to double it to $10,000? Pretty cool, isn’t it? So based on that, I told him to wait till the earnings has increased to $300-$500 per month.

The most surprising thing is that my friend started this website around December 2016. He makes this money from Google Adsense and Adsense site is highly sought after by buyers.

So what do you need to start selling website in 2017?

Just 4 things.

  1. A domain name… This cost $10-12 but you can get one for FREE. if you contact me.
  2. A web hosting account. If you want to sell website for profit you should have money to pay for at least 1 year hosting account.
  3. Profitable niche
  4. Content/Article

You can make money selling your talent or passion through this…

When I look around Nairaland.com for instance, I see people talk so passionately about football, romance, food, music, celebrity gossips and entertainment without a penny added to their bank account. If you find yourself in this category, your story is about change starting today.

So how can you make money from this listed hobbies or passion spots?

The guy who contacted me is in the music niche but his target is international… surprise?  You and I know that niche is super HOT, with people looking for where to download the latest song. If you doubt me, ask Makinde Azeez of Naijaloaded.

I also know a lady who loves music so much and she listens to dozens of songs everyday. I once asked her how many songs she has on her phone and she amazingly said over 1000 songs. I asked her where does she get the songs and she mentioned Naijaloaded and some other sites. The internet is infested with chronic music lovers like this one and they are the people who make your site money when they visit it.

Just a few weeks ago, a guy sold his website in the romance/dating niche for $4950…

and guess what he does, Just posting romantic sms. He started the website in August 2015 and sold it one year later for $4950.

$4950 x 480 = N 2,376,000.  This site makes $300-$350 per month. Talk about how to become a millionaire within 1 year.  That is your answer.

May I remind you that he has been earning $300-350 per month for one year before he decided to sell his website? Let’s redo the numbers again.

He has been making $300/month. $300/ month x 12 Months = $3600

He sold the site for $4950. That means the website earned him $3600+$4950 which gives us $8550. $8550 x 480 = N4,104,000. As you can see, he made 4Million Naira within one year from his website project. 4 Million naira for doing something that others waste their time for free.

As you can see from the screenshot here, the seller of this site is a Nigerian like you and I. So what excuse do you have?

Some people might still be doubting… In that case, it is best to post a live link so you can see where it sold, how much it sold for and what people have to say as well. Here you go: https://www.flippa.com/7813836-lovemessages-com-ng

Everyday, sales like this happen by people who have chosen to change their passion into money.

I am sure many Romancelander on Nairaland or other social media platforms never knew they could make money in a niche they are passionate about and this circle also consist of so many guys professing love to a girl, writing series of romantic sms for her and she probably does not care about them.

If you are that guy, please stop wasting your brains, start a website where you can write such romantic sms and get a HUGE reward in return!

Another set of people who talk a lot about their passion are the football lovers. You can start website too and get rewarded. These are people who are either supporting ManUtd or  Chelsea or Liverpool or Real Madrid or Barcelona FC. They can argue their life, they know history of each footballers and their clubs. Start a website targeting just one club and take it up from there.

You can get contents to write in the football niche if you use Google Alert to get daily content delivered to a specific email.  All you have to do is click on the link to take you to each content and re-write the contents in your words when they hit your email. 300-500 words will do.

How Can You Copy This Same Secret?

Buy a domain name to target any of the niches listed in this article. You can get one for free if you read this content to the end. Build your site. I can help you build it for FREE. Read on to know how to get a website designed for free.

Now, here is a key component. Make sure your site has categories or label. Using the romance SMS niche for example, your categories should be “Love SMS, Birthday SMS, Good Morning SMS, Friendship SMS”. Also ensure that each content or article on your site is carefully tagged.A typical music site should have something like: “free music download, artiste name + song download, download + artiste name song” In the tags. You get the drift now?

Make sure you post daily to your website and make the content highly unique and original, optimize SEO on your website with keyword targeting your niche.  Also make sure you have a privacy policy page, terms and conditions, about us page for your site. This is very important.

It will help improve the ranking of your website and drive traffic to it via Google,Bing and Yahoo.

Once your site start receiving traffic, it is time to install google adsense on it to earn money.

How to Sell Your Passion Through Your Website.

At maturity,  you should list your website for sale on Flippa.com or EmpireFlippers.com. These are two notable world’s best places to sell your website. People will start bidding on your site once they verify that all reports are legit.

At the end of the auction, you should transfer the website to the winning bidder. It is very simple to do this. Just extract the files from current hosting account, zip it and give to the buyer who would then upload it to his host server.

Of course, this is after he might have paid into an escrow account while you do the transfer.

I know a lot of people have passion for some of the things I have listed above such as Music, Football, Romantic SMS, Business, Tech but never earned a dime and may not have the expertise to set up their own website but would love to start this business where they can write about their passion and make money. If this sound like you, you have nothing to worry about.

Let Me Help You Set Up Your Own Money Making Site and Optimize It For You And For FREE… You Pay Me NOTHING!

Were you thinking I would I ask you to buy one ebook or send money to my bank account? NAH… you don’t need to pay me for this. This is FREE website set up done for you.

But there is a catch… We can’t serve the 1,000 people reading this right now but only 20 persons who will act NOW! This is  FREE website set up will be stopped after the 20 persons have filled up the slot. We have to stop after the 20 slots is taken so as not to cause too much competition in this business.  The lesser the competition, the better for everyone.

I need just 20 action takers and I will help them set up their website and optimize it for FREE.

Please note that you pay for your hosting while you get domain name for FREE and also set up the site for you. Your only job is to post to the site. It is that simple. You don’t have any excuse why you shouldn’t make your first 1M in 2017 if you act now.  You are not paying for any ebook and neither are your sending money to any bank account. So what excuse do you have? Website will be set up for you by me.

How To Get Your Own Money Making Website SET UP For FREE

Step 1: You will need to purchase your web hosting. Hosting is not free anywhere in the world and even my little nieces knows that. Click HERE to purchase your hosting at Site Ground where you will be given a free domain name to use for your website as well.

Why should you purchase your hosting at Site Ground? This is because they are simply the best! Their customer support is lightening FAST. You are sure to get talking to a customer rep within a minute. And no, I am not magnifying things. You should test it yourself and tell me if I lied.

When you use this LINK to purchase your hosting at Site Ground, you will pay $4/month instead of $8/month (you get a discount for using the link) and you will also be given a free domain name (normal domain registration cost $10-12) but you will get yours for free when you purchase from Site Ground.

Step 2. Send me an email to jideofor@careercounsel.com immediately you complete the web hosting purchase and send me your user name and password which you used to create your account.

Step 3. Sit back while I set up your money making website

I will help you get it done. Only those who want me to guide them and set up their site should send me a mail.

Remember after the 20 slots is taken, we will stop offering this for Free. Let’s do this… ACT NOW!

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